7 helpful facts around the Platinum jubilee, you absolutely want to know!

A jubilee is a huge event that is celebrated across the world so you'll need to know the score. To feel more informed about the most important parts of the jubilee, read below!

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A rich history

The history of the Jubilee tradition in Britain goes back hundreds of years. King George III was the first monarch to celebrate his Golden Jubilee. This was a memorable event marking the 50th anniversary of his reign in 1809. Then, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her platinum jubilee this year. Marking her time on the throne as 70 years so far.

A jubilee is a grand event that calls for celebration all around the globe. This is a unique occasion that few monarchs have accomplished. This is something that must be celebrated as it is a once in a lifetime event. 

The jubilee is a special anniversary that recognises a memorable event. Queen Elizabeth II is the first monarch to reach the platinum jubilee. Especially since it is her first celebration without Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke of Edinburgh passed away last year, making this year's jubilee a large event.

The event will be honoured with an extra bank holiday for the public and events in June. The jubilee was actually on February 6th, the palace announced that the official celebrations are going ahead in June. When we are well within the warm summer weather and can enjoy it. Yet, the celebrations will no doubt be all year long.

Bank Holiday 

The answer to everybody's burning question; the anniversary is a four-day long weekend at the beginning of June. Commencing Thursday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 5th. Buckingham Palace stated, 'The four days of celebrations will include public events and community activities, national moments of reflection on The Queen's 70 years of service.'

What will you be doing with your time celebrating? A street party? A competition to get into the community spirit? This year will no doubt be bigger than the Diamond jubilee in 2012. Britain transformed, there were union jacks at every corner and street parties everywhere.

How to get involved

To celebrate the platinum jubilee, North East Trophies has released a collection of exquisite awards for the occasion. As a more personal token of appreciation, they have created an array of pins, a great addition to any outfit to show support for the Queen's great achievement.

To learn more about getting involved with your community to celebrate the platinum jubilee go online to the government jubilee website where most community and private events have registered or click this link now!


Image source: (Jacob King/PA Wire/PA images/CC-BY-SA-2.0/ platinumjubilee.royal.uk)

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