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Browse our range of Golf trophies to find the perfect plaques and awards to suit your needs and budget. We have a huge range of golfing awards on offer including glass golf trophies, golf ball trophies and novelty awards.

We are proud to offer a range of golf awards, whether you are seeking cheap golf awards for a bulk order or just one trophy for a golf tournament, we are happy to help you to find what you want at a price right for you. We also offer golfing medals which are perfect for school or local competitions. Our in-house engraving ensures all of our sports trophies are engraved with precision and high-quality in mind.

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    Competitive or Not
    Golf and Trophies

    Golf can be as competitive or non-competitive as you choose to make it. Many people play golf purely for recreational purposes. The focus is on enjoying the game and spending time outdoors.

    Amateur golfers often participate in club tournaments or charity events. These competitions can vary in intensity, with some players taking them quite seriously, while others participate for fun and camaraderie.

    Golf Trophies and Awards

    For those who enjoy the competition, there are many awards that can be won.

    Tournament Trophies: These are awarded to winners of golf tournaments, both amateur and professional. They can vary in size and design, from traditional cups and plates to more contemporary styles.

    Club Championship Trophies: Golf clubs and courses may have their own club championships, which feature custom trophies to honor the club's best golfers.

    Hole-in-One Trophies: Golfers who achieve a hole-in-one are often awarded a trophy to commemorate this rare accomplishment. These trophies typically feature a small representation of a golf hole and ball.

    Longest Drive Trophies: In long-drive competitions or events, golfers who hit the ball the farthest may receive trophies or awards, which can take the form of plaques, statuettes, or other creative designs.

    Personalized Engraved Golf Trophies: Many golf trophies can be personalized with the golfer's name, event details, or a special message to make them more meaningful and unique. We offer this service on all of our golf trophies, simply add your details to the award during checkout and we'll engrave it as requested. We also offer many of our engraved golf trophies with Next Day Delivery

    The sport of Golf

    In recent years, golf has experienced a huge surge in popularity. This centuries-old sport, once considered exclusive and niche, has now become more accessible and appealing to a wider audience. This is in part due to a greater accessibility to golf courses, the sport's social appeal, and high-profile golf tournaments that have captured the public's imagination.

    Get involved by joining your local club, play for fun or competition, but always enjoy your time outdoors.

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